’99 Ferrari 550 Maranello

We did a complete rebuild on the exterior, interior and driveline of this ’99 Ferrari 550 Maranello. The car was picked in Germany,  and  over the course of several weeks restored to it’s former glory. The restoration include an engine top end rebuild, a full respray, a complete strip down and rebuild of the interior…
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’03 BMW Z3M Coupe

After the previous Z3M Coupe’s we did, the next Z3M Coupe project already was waiting! This time a very extended overhaul of this BMW Z3M Coupe from the UK, with the highly desirable S54 Engine. The customer asked us to bring it back to it’s former glory, with a special request to remove all rust.…
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’01 BMW Z3M Coupé

Zo, inmiddels schieten we aardig op en is er even tijd om dit topic een goede update te geven. Vorig weekend waren we zo druk met de auto dat een update hier niet lukte maar des te meer hebben we nu te vertellen Echt een super cool project wat precies in ons straatje valt. Het werken…
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’98 BMW Z3M Coupe

Early 2018 we’ve got asked to rebuild this 1998 Z3M Coupe. It had been in storage for over 3,5 years and the owner wanted to wanted the have the S50 drivetrain in tip top condition before start to using it again. Together with the customer we made a list of “to-do’s” based on our recommendations,…
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’03 BMW E46 M3

This E46 M3 was bought as in the south of France towards the end of 2017. The previous owner owned the car for over 14 years and decided to let the car go once the engine started to make a “knocking noise”. According to the dealership were it was maintained, a issue with the VANOS.…
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’97 Lotus Esprit GT3

Currently an active project. The owner of this ’97 Lotus Esprit GT3 would like us to modify the engine to have bit more power, in order to match the excellent handling of the car. We will disable the engine to the last nut and bolt and rebuild the engine with many improved components such as:…
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’91 BMW M5

Coming soon!

’00 BMW E39 M5

Ondertussen heb ik nog even gekeken en toch nog wel aardig wat beelden kunnen vinden van de M5 vanos revisie en wat andere dingetjes, leuk om ook maar meteen even hier te delen; Mijn M5 liep opzich mooi maar klonk echt als een diesel bij stationair, vrij bekend probleem voor de S62 (puur veroorzaakt door…
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