’03 BMW Z3M Coupe

’03 BMW Z3M Coupe

After the previous Z3M Coupe’s we did, the next Z3M Coupe project already was waiting! This time a very extended overhaul of this BMW Z3M Coupe from the UK, with the highly desirable S54 Engine. The customer asked us to bring it back to it’s former glory, with a special request to remove all rust. This includes the complete underside, bolts and nuts included!

The starting point is a 03/2001 RHD S54 Z3M Coupe with little over 90k miles. Overall condition wasn’t that bad, but it suffered a bit of rust, mainly on the undercarriage. Also a lot of parts have had their best time,  in particular rubbers/hoses and so on as they are also age over the years.  So there was much to be gained, as well as on the driving experience as the optical appearance. A very nice project, just as we like it the most!


The starting point, freshly shipped from the UK to us in the Netherlands:

After a good first impression, it’s time to take a in depth look on the underside, so time to put it on the lift. Also, this is the first car we welcomed in our new TEG workshop! In which we have an, after a lot of hard work,  workshop that perfectly fits our philosophy when working on special cars.

This is the state we founded it in:

Time to get to work! First we started with disassembling the front and rear suspension, as most of the parts need to be sandblasted and powder coated.

Front suspension disassembled:

Next up we removed the complete rear axle, to refurbish the axle itself but also to gain acess the the underside of the car above the axle. 

The axle removed:

The axle realy was in need of some attention. Here you can see what 15 years of rain, dirt and salt does to a car.

The subframe rubbers are worn out:

However in technical good condition, the differential also wouldn’t  mind some TLC…

Also the coating on the subframe itself lost the battle against the UK elements.

Tank exposed after lowering the subframe, ready to come down also for some serious cleaning, new lines and new fuel pump (without cutting the interior carpet, as needed when changing pump with tank in car)

Took some cool pictures with some of the disassembled parts, big part of them not on the picture due being already worked on. (plastic wheel arches already cleaned on picture)

We then remove the fuel tank. Again, not only the adress the fuel tank itself but also to gain access above the fuel tank to inspect, clean and adress this well hidden area. 

With the fuel tank removed, we had the option replacing the 15 year old fuel pump without cutting in the carpet as required when done in-car. While we there it worth replacing the dryed out fuel hoses and giving the tank a good clean. Although it cannot be seen once installed, it is still the effort:

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